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    Red face Unanswered: View characters that do not fit in a ListBox

    I have a ListBox that contains values too large to view given the width of the ListBox. Is there a ListBox property that will permit a User to click on an item in the ListBox to review the entire item?

    Thank you for any help.


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    You can try a couple of options but they involve the user clicking on an item in the listbox.

    1. On the "On Mouse Move" event of the listbox (but the user will need to highlight the item in the listbox for this to show in the controltiptext.)

    If Not IsNull(Me!MyListboxName) Then
    Me.MyListBoxName.ControlTipText = Me!MyListBoxName
    End If

    What this will do (after the user clicks on an item in the listbox), is show the item in the yellow control tip which shows when you hover over the listbox. But again, the user would need to actually click on an item in the listbox. You could also show the 2nd column of the listbox by setting it to = me!MyListBoxName.column(1)

    2. Another way is to simply add an unbound textbox to the form and set the sourceobject = Forms!MyListBoxName (just make the unbound textbox field wider than the listbox). Again, the user would need to click on an item in the listbox.

    Otherwise, you'll need to adjust the column widths for the fields or overall column width of the listbox itself (or utilize the horizontal scroll bar).
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    Thank you very much. I think I will try the horizontal scroll bar. I didn't think of that.

    Thanks again.


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