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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to copy a database from Windows to Linux

    Hi all.

    I have a populated DB2 Express-C database on Windows XP and I want to copy it to Ubuntu 8.04. I see that this can't be done by BACKUP and RESTORE (and indeed I spent ages trying before I came upon that fact) but I do need to do it somehow.

    I have successfully installed DB2 Exp-C on Ubuntu.

    I see I can use DB2LOOK (! - never tried it) to get the database definitions across and also that I can use CSV files to transfer the data (which I have done before elsewhere) but my problem is this: the database contains tables that generate an ID field for each row. That ID field is the primary key for those tables and is used as a foreign key widely. How can I set up the new database to also generate the ID fields in its post-data-migration life but allow me to copy across rows with existing IDs unchanged? My experience of importing CSV files is that if you have a generated private key you just can't insert rows with given values...unless I'm missing something (which I may well be as I only occasionally do db admin).

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    have a look in syntax for load of import and modified by
    generatedoverride can be specified
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    somewhere in dbforums
    lookup information center for db2move command...
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