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    Unanswered: Trigger created with compilation errors

    Please please,somebody help me out with this error.
    I have created a trigger but it says with compilation errors.
    Here is the erroe code.

    SQL> create trigger travel before insert or update on reservation
    2 begin
    3 if(source='Mumbai' and destination='New York')
    4 then raise_application_error(666,'No direct flight from Mumbai to New York'
    5 end if;
    6 end;
    7 /

    Warning: Trigger created with compilation errors.

    SQL> show errors trigger travel;
    Errors for TRIGGER TRAVEL:

    -------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    4/1 PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "END" when expecting one of the
    := . ( % ;
    The symbol ";" was substituted for "END" to continue.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Thumbs down Duh!

    You need a semi-colon ( ; ) at the end of statement #4.
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    Thanx a lot

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    But that's not all ...
    • "source" and "destination" miss the ":new." identifier
    • once you add them, trigger will fail because :new / :old aren't allowed in a table level triggers, so - add FOR EACH ROW
    • now trigger will compile, but an invalid combination of the source and destination column (Mumbai & NY) will end up with another error, because error number argument of the RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR is out of range - you, as a developer, are restricted to use values between -20000 and -20999

    Once you fix all of the above, trigger will do what it is supposed to.

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    Trigger warning

    hi, I also got the same warning when i created the simple trigger,
    HereZ what i have wrote

    SQL> create or replace
    2 trigger person_trig
    3 before insert on person
    4 for each row
    5 begin
    6 DBMS_oUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('before insert of ;||;
    7 END;
    8 /

    Warning: Trigger created with compilation errors.

    it says the above error message, i do not understand why it is coming so,
    please advice some one


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    >6 DBMS_oUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('before insert of ;||;
    for one it appears a closing sing quote mark is missing (error of omission)
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('before insert of ;' ||;
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    Wel wel.. i really did missed tht :P
    thankZ any wayZ , wel im kinda new and im learning tru google...
    any wayZ, we get compilation errors when ever the syntax is wrong. is it ?

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    Anjala Please do not hijack a thread, start a new one. Yes, if code has an error it will give the compilation error message. Simply type

    show errors

    to see what is wrong.
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