Windows XP clients in a Windows Server 2003 environment

An Access database was created a long time ago and workgroup level permissions were assigned to the database using another db file with a list of users (apparently AD/GPO/Network security wasn't "secure enough")

A shortcut was created that opened DB1 using the credential list from DB2 as an authentication table

Recently began enterprise migration to Office 2007 (including Access). Migration completed and db still worked fine.

A few days ago "something" happened (this is where the end user was doing something they weren't supposed to do and wont admit to it) where the shortcut path was changed to the My Computer path. Am unable to re-create the shortcut as previously designed as the mdw security was apparently removed with the migration to Access 2000.

Is there a way to remove .mdw security and restore db to standard network access per NTFS and AD/GPO permission levels as assigned?