I m getting error of DBNETLIB with the error message 'General network error. Check you network documentation.' since January 2009. before i never faced such error. sometimes the error is 'communication link failure'.

the errors are generated while using application based on VB and SQL on client machines.

It is not that the error prompts only when huge query is fired from client. the error prompt even just application is open on the client machine and client is not doing anything.

In the end of December server hard disk was giving problem. HP guys diagnosed that hard disk need to be replaced. gradually all 3 hard disks were replaced due to problem. During this process firmware and BIOS has been updated couple of times.

first of all please any one could help to understand the possible reasons for this error. i have searched on MS sites and also gooled. As per the explanation given all settings are correct on server... but not yet clear....

AWE is not enabled on SQL server.... SP4 is installed...chimney setting is proper...

is this machine specific error? any hot fix is required after installing SP4?
there might be LAN problem?

Early help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.