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    Unanswered: Multiple DB2 Clients on windows

    Excuse the simplicity of this question:
    I installed DB2 Express when I originally had just a DB2 client installed.
    How can I decide which one to use? Is it just a matter of changing my path?


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    On what op sys? If UNIX, simply execute . sqllib/db2profile for the instance that you want to use

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    Assuming that you are on Windows (as your title indicates) and accepted the default values during installation you don't have to do anything, it's transparent. Both client and database can/will use the same information.

    Actually, DB2 installations build on lower level installations: an admin client includes the code for a runtime client, a personal database includes the code for an admin client, a workgroup database includes the code for a personal database, etc.. Therefore, your database installation is both database and client.
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