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    Red face Unanswered: Format data blank?

    Query form creates data with too many decimal places and when selecting properties (under query design) all fields are blank? No predifined drop down formats exist?
    ..ok let me try query calculations create data with what appears to be the default 13 decimal places...I'd like to trucate to one or two but when I select "properties" both the General and Lookup tabs are blank and have no drop downs to format data under the general tab.
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    I have to say, I'm not sure I quite understand your problem; don't forget to check out Teddy's FAQ (the "Read Me First - NO SERIOUSLY" post on the main page). If I have to take a stab at this I would suggest looking at the format property, or the decimal places property, but I'm not really sure what your problem is so I'm not sure how much help I can be.
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    To format your calculation, just use a format function:


    Format(YourCalculation, "#,##0.00")
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