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    Unanswered: Bartender 6.0 and VB6.0 problem

    BEFORE I am using Bartender 5.1 and VB 6.0 to make and print barcode base on the input of user, everything is fine until i upgrade my bartender version which is 6.0.

    on Bartender 5.1 the code to create ActiveX is :
    Set btApps = CreateObject("BarTender.Application")

    on Bartender 6.0 the code to create ActiveX is :
    Set btApps = CreateObject("BarTender.Application.6")

    i saw this on Bartender documentation

    but still, i got an msg

    Run-time error 429:

    ActiveX component can't create object

    then, it highlights the code

    Set btApps = CreateObject("BarTender.Application.6")

    What is the possible error and how to fix this?

    i already change its reference and check the help of bartender.

    thanks in advance

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    I dunno....
    ...what does technical support for "Bartender" suggest?
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    I'd definitely call or email their customer support. The folks that write software can support it a lot better than we can guess how to help you fix it, and being able to get that support is a large part of why you buy software.

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