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    Exclamation Unanswered: Solving Convertible Data

    ROWID Exception Type Size Cell Data(first 30 bytes)
    ------------------ ------------------ ----- ------------------------------
    AAAMwvAAFAAAq5EAA0 convertible FLATTS
    AAAMwvAAFAAAq5EAA2 convertible KADOWAKI
    AAAMwvAAFAAAq5EAA3 convertible LADOUCEC
    AAAMwvAAFAAAq5EAA9 convertible PEARCETH
    AAAMwvAAFAAAq5EAAy convertible DEBLOIS
    AAAMwvAAFAAAq5EABA convertible RAWJI
    ------------------ ------------------ ----- ------------------------------

    This is the CSScan output of my database instance.

    I want the above six datas to be converted from WE8ISO8859P1 to UTF8 charecterset.

    All the above 6 datas have a space ' ' like charecter (i'm not sure) at the end,

    kindly help me.

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    Thanx Anacedent

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