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    Unanswered: time stamp on remote systems?

    hi i am a noob here....and not a db dude
    but i work at a company that uses oracle for everything....but our main db is in another state...pacific time....and we are in central....but all our systems here reflect pacific time stamps and current pacific time for our application....i checked the help and are running app and rdbms if it helps?.....

    so my question: is it possible for us to do something so that on our local systems it will show us our central time while still maintaining the pacific time stamp on the main db elsewhere? and when we pull up files from the database it converts that pacific stamp to our central? or is this too much to ask?

    thanks for any help
    and if it is possible i will probly start researching so i can just tell them how to instead of them trying to figure it out

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    ther are may time conversion function available in oracle you can use any one of these
    Mohammad Hasan Shaharear

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