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    Very New to databases, ERD problems

    Hello all,

    Am currently a student with a deadline fast approaching, will not bore you all with the details of the project, but the bit I am having the most problem with is designing an ERD that works properly based on a case study we were given. My group members have abandoned me and I can't seem to get my head around this, was wondering if anyone could tolerate giving a newbie a little help. I basically need someone to look over the case study and just help me clarify what entities are needed, and clarification on what does not link to what. Just getting so confused with it all and have no idea what is right or wrong, if anyone could help, will put case study up. THanks in advance

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    IF you put up your case study AND an attempt at doing the work yourself, I'll take a look at it and offer comments. I will not do it for you, and if by some chance I appear to do it for you then you should be very, very nervous.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    I fear putting up my feable attempt might prove embarrassing, however, here it is, I had done several, all of which I think are wrong, this is the one that seems to be closest. AH and the case study......

    "Wentworth University is an exclusive school that caters for children of the rich and famous. The
    university provides a unique form of education that is very different from the mainstream
    education system.
    The university is relatively small with only 100 private bedrooms, so it is important for the
    university that no beds are wasted. There are four dormitories each named after past monarchs of
    the United Kingdom, such as “King George II”. Each dormitory has a number of bedrooms and
    study rooms all under the watchful supervision of a dormitory tutor, whose job it is to oversee
    allocation of beds, lecturers and study sessions.
    On arriving at the university each student would be initially assessed by one of the resident
    professors who would then oversee their stay at the university and put together a learning package
    ranging from star gazing to quantum physics. Students are only allowed to attend any one of the
    classes if it has been authorised by one of the professors.
    The classes taken, together with the daily charge for accommodation (inclusive of meals), makes
    up a student’s total bill at the end of each semester. The bill is calculated and invoiced at the end
    of each semester.
    In the latest board meeting between the governors, the accountant and senior members of staff, a
    lot of issues were discussed. Although a lot of applicants are on the waiting list, the university was
    running at a loss. Problems were put down to bad utilisation of rooms, for example students being
    turned away by one dormitory tutor even though there were rooms available in another dormitory.
    There were even cases of more than one room being allocated to one student and dormitory tutors
    arguing as to who had booked a room first. As the debate heated up with accusations as to whose
    fault this was the chairman of the board of governors announced that he intended to introduce a
    Database System to solve their problems and requested that the staff put forward ideas as to how
    this new system could help.
    The dormitory tutors stated they would continue to organise lecturers and student study sessions
    and stated that it would be beneficial to have tutors, lecturers, professors and all staff details easily
    available should they need to be contacted. They would also like the new system to solve the
    booking problem as well as being able to calculate a student’s total bill at the end of every

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    THink the attachment should be here?
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    Unhappy I want it's ERD on this Monday(30th april 2012) please help

    1.mission statement:
    We give you the facility of most efficient and fastest ticketing service in this country.Where, we maintain consumer rights and honor their demands to optimum level.
    Our business started from 1990,and uptil now; we have 25% queries. We respond to them as quickly as possible , our rate of responding is 70%. Customer is regarded as our first priority.
    We entertain following airlines:
    2.Air Blue
    3.Thai Airlines
    5.Air Canada
    These airlines are sub-divided into catogaries ranging from “A-Z”.
    The ticketing is done either on phone or on our website ( or through presence of consumer in our office.
    1.ON PHONE -
    We take basic details* of customer.
    A unique number is given with our licence number.
    Initial data is recorded.
    Called once in our office for signature.
    Ticket is issued.
    2.ON WEBSITE –
    Basic details are taken.
    In order to confirm consumer reliability , we require our license number to be entered.
    We provide facility of “search flight” ,which includes following:
    Flight only or Flight plus Hotel or Flight plus Hotel plus Car.
    Departing and Returning date.
    Passengers: - 18+
    2-17 years old
    Ticket is delievered
    Basic details are taken.
    License number is given after getting signature of the ticketer
    Tickets are issued
    Work is done on daily basis under the hierarchy ; from Director to Chief Executive to our 5 Employees. Their Basic details** are recorded for any emergency case.Employees issue tickets to the customers and for queries they have to consult Chief Execetive and for further process they have to go to the Director.
    Accountant records earnings on working capital basis. Their basic detail are also recorded.***
    Three motorbikes(model number,company name and uniquely serial number recorded) are used to deliever the tickets to certain customer. Driver’s recors are also maintained.
    This is how our system works.


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