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    Unanswered: Instead of 00.00 AM I need to change date at 09.30 PM


    My client says they want new date in the invoice once it is 9.30 PM into the system of thier clinic.

    I know if it is 00.00 AM the system date will change but how to change the system date once the current time reaches 9.31 PM.

    The field name in the invoice is InvDate which is in the header form called "F_InvHead" automatically receiving system date once the add button clicked to add new invoice.

    Any idea?
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    Hi Ashfaque,

    dim DDate as date
    DDate = format(me!InvDate ,"h:nn AM/PM") '(where me!InvDate is the field on the current form)
    if DDate > #9:30 PM# then.....

    (or If DDate >= #9:31 PM# then....)

    Notes: I usually find it works best storing the field's time portion into a date variable first and then apply your formula against that variable.
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