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    Unanswered: Convert 10.10.00 date to 10/10/00 date format

    I have fields with a format of 10.10.00
    but when i attenmpt to convert them to dates it errors and says that it will delete them. I assume I have to do something the excel end (source) as it is a form that when changed to date format still shows 10.10.00 rather than the select 10/10/00

    Any help on how I can do this via Excel or Access - even if it means using a formula in Excel to convert the dates?


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    This is getting to be very aggravating! I posted an answer to this thread a while ago, as did someone else. Came back to check it and both responses are gone. Checked, and the question wasn't double posted. This is not the first time this has happened. Where do you report problems?

    In VBA code:

    Format(CDate(Replace(StringDate, ".", "/")), "dd/mm/yy")

    or in a Query

    ConvertedField: Format(CDate(Replace(StringDate, ".", "/")), "dd/mm/yy")
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    Hope this helps!

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