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    Question Unanswered: Option Group question

    I created an Option Group with the following data:
    Yes (with value 1)
    No, Checked out (with value 2)
    No, Missing (with value 3)

    I chose to store the values in a field in the table so I can put them on the reports. When I run the report, it just inserts the value (1,2, or 3) and not the text part. Is there any way for it to just put the text only?

    Please be gentle...I'm just learning.


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    No, the option group can only store a number. Your options include having a table with 2 fields, one for the number and the other for the text. You can include that table in a query to get your text. Another option is something like this on the report:

    =IIf(FieldName = 1, "Yes", IIf(FieldName = 2, "No, Checked out", "No, Missing"))

    I would only use the formula if I was sure the options would never change. The table provides more flexibility over the long term.

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