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    Unanswered: Copy, Find, Paste Macro - Urgent

    Hi sir.

    I’ve been searching the internet for a macro that can help with my excel workbook example (see attached example “MY CUSTOMERS”).

    I’ve got a workbook with four worksheets.

    Worksheet 1 = “account payment”
    Worksheet 2 = “add account”
    Worksheet 3 = “customers”
    Worksheet 4 = “paid up accounts”

    See my attached example
    Can you please help me solve my workbook. I’m stuck!!

    1) On worksheet2 ("add account") I would like it if the sheet could automatically show the next new account number to be used (after the first one was entered manually).
    And when I add a customer, it should automatically copy the formuls as in existing customer’s rows

    2) on worksheet1 ("account payment") is where I’m actually stuck!! How do I update my worksheet3 ("customers") after worksheet1 (“account payments”) process button is pressed.

    3) And maybe if it is possible, if a customers account balance is zero, to remove that customer from worksheet3 ("customers") and add it to worksheet4 ("paid up accounts")

    I don’t know.the above is just what i'm thinking of. Maybe there is a whole other and better way to solve my workbook.

    The help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you sir
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    You can do all of this in MS Excel.. but really it's the wrong tool for the job. How about giving it a go in MS Access?

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