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    Question Unanswered: ASP Client Log In Question

    Hi All,

    I hope someone can help with this issue I'm having. I've found much useful information on this site before so I'm crossing my fingers that I can this time.

    I want to creat a logon page, on my website, where when a client clicks "logon" they can enter their username and password, and be taken to their specific page. I want each protected page to be assigned to it's own user. For instance, let's say Client1 wants to log in to thier page - they enter their username and password and they are taken to Client1's Page. Then if Client2 wants to log on, they enter username and password and are taken to their unique Client2 page.

    Ideally, each client will have their own username and password set to take them to their own page.

    Can anyone provide some code or insight on what needs to be done here?

    Thanks much!

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    all you have to do is in the protect table ad the ClientID to that table then when the user logs in you just filter the protect table by the clientID.

    what i do is after the user has login create a session cookie.

    session("ClientID") = rs("ClientID")

    then each time the user go to a page

    I write the SQL

    SQL = ""
    SQL = SQL & "Select tablename.*"
    SQL = SQL & " From tablename"
    SQL = SQL & " Where ClientID=" & Session("ClientID") & " And the rest of the where bit"
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    hope this help

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