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    Unanswered: Using WHERE, IN, or AND correctly

    I need to display all flights that both originate (fl_orig) and arrive (fl_dest) at an airport without a hub airline.

    select fl_flight_no, fl_orig, fl_dest, air_code
    from flight, airport
    where air_code = fl_orig and air_code = fl_dest
    and air_hub_airline is null;

    There are 3 originations and 3 destinations without a hub airline.
    Some results could have, for example, LAX and SFO as the fl_orig and fl_dest since neither have a hub airline.
    So I'm not able to use fl_orig = fl_dest.

    I've also tried without success:

    select fl_flight_no, fl_orig, fl_dest, air_code, count(*)
    from flight, airport
    where air_code in (fl_orig, fl_dest)
    and air_hub_airline is null
    group by fl_flight_no, fl_orig, fl_dest, air_code;

    Any other suggestions?

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    There are 2 airports involved, so join to the airports table twice:
    select fl_flight_no, fl_orig, fl_dest
    from   flight
    join   airport ap_orig on ap_orig.air_code = fl_orig 
    join   airport ap_dest on ap_dest.air_code = fl_dest
    where  ap_orig.air_hub_airline is null
    and    ap_dest.air_hub_airline is null;

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    works great now. thanks.

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