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    Unanswered: developer problem

    I am developing applicationn in developer 6i and I am facing problem regarding
    displaying records in form. My query is
    select ename, edept from sale where city = 'NYK'
    suppose this query fetch 10 records and I dispalyed them in developer but problem is that I donot
    want to display scroll bar in form and only 10 text items to display 10 record.
    some times my query fetch 15 record and I have opted to display 10 record and unchecked the
    scroll bar in FORMs designing it displays 10 records and 5 records where shown when i use
    key board to go down and then I can see them.
    kindly tell me whether I can use some commands to generate text items
    dynamically depending upon my records.
    If I have ten record then only 10 text items will be displayed and if 15
    then only 15 text items.

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    And if the query returns 237 employees you want 237 fields?

    That isn't the way you are supposed to use Forms. You could just about do it (within some limit i.e. up to some maximum N of employees) by building N items called ITEM1, ITEM2, ... ITEM{N}, and then at runtime dynamically hiding all but the first 10, 15 or whatever. It won't be pretty though.

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    My query returns maximum 20 records so if it return 5 i have to hide 15 rows how can i do this.

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    As Tony has already said, it can be done, but ... that's just much too much pain for nothing (from my point of view). Forms is a tool which doesn't offer such a functionality and you should live with that.

    If you, however, decide to create all those records one by one, note that default querying, inserting, updating ... form functionality doesn't work and you'll have to create other mechanisms to successfully deal with all possible changes. I'm very glad that it is you who is supposed to do that, and not me.

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