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    Hi all, I have a database that has Access as the front end and SQL Server 2005 on the back end (2005)
    I need to create a log in form and table for the users, so that when they log into the database we can track when they log in and when they log out and what data they updated. Can anyone help wiht this or direct to where I can get the information on how to create this please??

    Thank you

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    Why not just use fOSUserName and avoid the hassle of your users needing to remember/maintain yet one more password? Then I just log when they open/close the main form and any other critical info using a fso to write to a text file. Plus I can set up a user table and use that to grant/restrict access priveleges. Works for me at least.
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    Where are you stuck? Create a user table, a user form, a login dialog and code the screens to use the logged in user....
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