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    Unanswered: Tricky w/ Excel Templates

    I want to export filtered records from a query to an excel template showing common information in the header and calculated sums, etc. in the footer. I want to attach the resulting spreadsheet to a ready-to-send email complete with recipients, subject, and message. And I want to allow the user to do it by clicking a button.

    This is easily done by exporting a report to an email in an html attachment, but the data is hard to manipulate once received, and page breaks are prohibiting.


    Is it possible to create a DAO.Recordset, and then use OutputTo (acOutputQuery) to export an xls? How then can the xls be attached to an email?


    Is there a thread that explains how to create smart templates in Excel? How do you set up rows to capture repeating line items like in Access reporting? Can you aggregate data?

    Thanks for any help... I'm lost.


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    I usually use a method similar to Pootle's code to export the data to a spreadsheet, this approach let's you do pretty much anything with the workbook that you would otherwise be able to do. Check out this site for email info.
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