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    Unanswered: Couple Questions.

    Hi. I have been checking out postgresql lately and i have a couple questions.

    #1. With a single user database that was on that users computer would security still be an issue?
    #2. What would be a good way to distribute a postgresql database(probably on mac to mac's)?

    For question #2 I was thinking of just writing an Installer that would use a script to first install a postgresql server, then move all the files into place(like the database pg_dump file) then a second script that restores the database onto the server. How does that seem?


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    Security is always an issue. Even with a single user database. It is less of an issue with a single user db, but, it still is an issue.

    You should ensure that the pg_hba.conf configuration file is set to disallow external access to the server.

    You should ensure that the postgres user does not have admin access to the machine.

    For question 2, The scripting approach is the usual one taken.
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