Niche is looking to hire a strong Hyperion Planning (9.3) consultant/developer for a 3-4 month consulting gig in TN. The on-site start date is May 4th.

The system architecture and design are pretty much in place. This role will be to fill in the details: establish how the databases will work together, which elements are needed for/in each of the databases and applications, etc.

We have a head-start on what the outline is going to be, definitions for hierarchies and formulas. This role will determine what is going to calc within the outline, what needs to be calced within the script, whether or not things are dynamic, how the business rules will be set up, define the forms, etc.
Must be able to take a lead role.

Note the client/organization is high maintenance, and could be a nightmare regards scope creep. We need someone strong but very diplomatic, with an intimate knowledge base such that they can respond and guide people to a correct solution set without being bullied – in other words, able to say we can do this and this, we don’t need to do this, and this would be better done later. Diplomacy is vital and a key component.

We have strict time lines with a hard stop/go-live date of Aug 5th. We expect this gig could run through mid to late August for post-implementation support.

The rub is this is a must go on W2 hourly basis, and the max hourly pay is $75. Travel & living expenses will be reimbursed in a timely fashion.

Note that we are not hiring / visa sponsoring at this time.

Thank you for your time.