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    Unanswered: Access 97 Help

    Good Afternoon folks.

    Im having a bit of trouble with a project im currently working on, and i hope you guys can help.

    This is my scenario, I have 2 tables, laid out like this

    Cars Table

    Car Description

    Car Extension Table

    I have a combo on a form that you can select the CarParent and the box is unbound, (but I use a query to fill the combo with all CarParents, these Car Parents are actually linked to the Car table as I want to use the same car names and CarID's, but populate them in the CarParentID field.)

    What i am battling with is trying to update the CarParentID on the Car extension table, based off of what I select in the combo box, and make it retrieve the correct car parent when i scroll between forms.

    I know it might seem confusing, but this is the best way i could explain...


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    Have another go at explaining the problem?

    How can a car have a parent?
    What is the car extension table storing?
    What is the form's SQL?

    Clearly, I have nothing but questions
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    Sure Ill try.

    I am basically stuck in one point here. Im trying to populate data into a textbox from a recordset I create. This is just a plain textbox with no strings attached, however when I run my code it pops up with

    "Error 2135, this property is read-only and can't be set". I cant understand why this would be a problem.

    This only happens when the DB is in runtime mode, when I am in the design mode for this particular form and run it to test it works.

    Here is a snippet

    Dim rs As Recordset

    Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT a.Vendor_Name from Vendor_Remote a inner join VendorExt b on a.Vendorid = b.Parentid where b.VendorID = " & Me.VendorId)

    If rs.EOF Then
    txtParent.Text = vbNullString
    txtParent.Text = rs.Fields("Vendor_Name")
    End If

    Set rs = Nothing

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    Update :

    Fixed my problem by dumping the data into a Label.

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