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Thread: Dbase II ?

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    Dbase II ?

    Hi there,

    Does anyone knows how to convert or recover a .dbf file that was made with Dbase II ? I have to use the data that's in there, but can't find any application that suports Dbase II files ....

    Help !

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    you can recover the data into something like Access. Access Im pretty certain has an import filter that will import dBase

    but if you have lost the disks you are going to be struggling to recover the application. But dBaseII, that was the first dBase dating back to what, 1987?.....

    you may be able to get another flavour of dBase or possibly something like xBase, or even foxpro which may allow you to recover the app. although whether its worth it I dunno

    you may get a better answer in the 'other PC' databases forum
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    There are hundreds of applications that will read a dBase ][ file. Almost every dBase driver will read a dBase ][ file.

    If you can't find anything that will read it, I know of a number of people that will contract to convert it for you.

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