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    Exclamation Unanswered: Difficulties with Login Info for Individual User

    I want to prepare a database where there will be two types of user.

    1. Administrator
    2. Guest


    1. Admin. Administrator will be given the power to change/add records/all power as admin.

    2. Guest. Guest will be given power to see the records/queries only.

    How to prepare this kind of form..

    NB: Im novice in MS Access.

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    Have you tried searching for this, I am sure it has been answered recently.... several times.

    I believe there is something about GetUser() in the CodeBank. Please, check it out, it's a very nice solution for when the windows user login is sufficient.
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    He is an example that controls the user's rights on a form. You can adapt it to restrict access to other objects. User here is the Windows user, not a user defined through Access security. I join a sample database using this system.
    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    Public Const PRIV_NONE = 0
    Public Const PRIV_READ = 1
    Public Const PRIV_EDIT = 2
    Public Const PRIV_ADD = 4
    Public Const PRIV_DELETE = 8
    Public Const PRIV_FILTER = 16
    Public Const PRIV_DESIGN = 32
    Public Const PRIV_DATASHEET = 64
    Public Const PRIV_PIVOTCHART = 128
    Public Const PRIV_PIVOTTABLE = 255
    Public Const PRIV_ALL = 65535
    Private Declare Function GetUserName Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias "GetUserNameA" (ByVal lpBuffer As String, nSize As Long) As Long
    Function GetNTUser() As String
    ' Retrieve the ID of the current user
    ' (Windows user not Access user)
        On Error GoTo Err_GetNTUser
        Dim strUserName As String
        Dim lngUserNameSize As Long
        Dim lngApiResult As Long
        strUserName = String$(255, 0)
        lngUserNameSize = Len(strUserName)
        lngApiResult = GetUserName(strUserName, lngUserNameSize)
        strUserName = Left$(strUserName, lngUserNameSize - 1)
        strUserName = NormalizeUserName(strUserName)
        GetNTUser = strUserName
        Exit Function
        MsgBox Err.Description
        Resume Exit_GetNTUser
    End Function
    Function GetUserPrivilege() As Long
        On Error GoTo Err_GetUserPrivilege:
        Dim strCriteria As String
        strCriteria = "UserID = '" & GetNTUser & "'"
        GetUserPrivilege = Nz(DLookup("UserPrivilege", "UserPrivileges", strCriteria), PRIV_NONE)
        Exit Function
        MsgBox Err.Description
        Resume Exit_GetUserPrivilege
    End Function
    Function NormalizeUserName(UserID As String) As String
    ' Remove most current diacritics from user names
        On Error GoTo Err_NormalizeUserName
        Dim strRetVal As String
        strRetVal = LCase(UserID)
        strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "", "e")
        strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "", "e")
        strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "", "e")
        strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "", "c")
        strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "", "a")
        NormalizeUserName = strRetVal
        Exit Function
        strRetVal = ""
        MsgBox Err.Description
        Resume Exit_NormalizeUserName
    End Function
    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
        Dim lngUserPrivilege As Long
        lngUserPrivilege = GetUserPrivilege
        If lngUserPrivilege = PRIV_NONE Then
            MsgBox "You are not allowed to use this application.", vbCritical, "Access denied!"
        ElseIf lngUserPrivilege = PRIV_READ Then
            Me.AllowEdits = False
            Me.AllowAdditions = False
            Me.AllowDeletions = False
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_EDIT Then
                Me.AllowEdits = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_ADD Then
                Me.AllowAdditions = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_DELETE Then
                Me.AllowDeletions = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_FILTER Then
                Me.AllowFilters = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_DESIGN Then
                Me.AllowDesignChanges = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_DATASHEET Then
                Me.AllowDatasheetView = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_PIVOTCHART Then
                Me.AllowPivotChartView = True
            End If
            If lngUserPrivilege And PRIV_PIVOTTABLE Then
                Me.AllowPivotTableView = True
            End If
        End If
    End Sub
    Have a nice day!
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