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    Unanswered: how do i printing more than one record at a time?

    Hi Guys,

    I know how to filter and print a report based on a variable OrderID.

    I was wondering if it was possible to print out several at a time.

    I have this at the moment

    DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acNormal, , "OrderID = " & Me.OrderID

    which prints what i am viewing, i want have several text boxes on a form


    so when a user presses a command button it takes the OrderID's values from the txt boxes and prints those specific Orders. How can i make this happen?



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    You'll need to call your DoCmd line once for each text box, using the value in each text box in turn.

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    Yes, and you could do that with a for loop if the numbers were sequential.

    Either that or you can specify them in the criteria. For example:

    DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acNormal, , "OrderID Between 100 And 150"

    But it depends on if the report is designed to print multiples or not.
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