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    Unanswered: uninstalling DB2

    Hi all,
    I recently migrated from DB2 V8.2 to V9.1. Can I use the installp -u db2_08_01 command to uninstall V8.2? Does it have any effect on the current DB2 V9.1 instance? Do I need to verify or backup any files before I run this command.Below is db2level,db2ls and list of db2_o8 files.Is there a cleaner way to uninstall other than installp command?

    DB2 9.1 install path - /opt/IBM/db2/V9.1/instance
    DB2 8.2 install path - /usr/opt/db2_08_01/instance

    db2inst1=> db2level
    DB21085I Instance "db2inst1" uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09016"
    with level identifier "01070107".
    Informational tokens are "DB2 v9.1.0.6", "s081211", "U823469", and Fix Pack
    Product is installed at "cd".

    db2inst1=> db2ls

    Install Path Level Fix Pack Special Install Number Install Date
    /opt/IBM/db2/V9.1 6a Sat Apr 18 00:56:36 2009 CUT

    db2inst1=> lslpp -l|grep db2
    db2_08_01.acsg COMMITTED Product Signature for DB2
    db2_08_01.adt.rte COMMITTED Base Application Development
    db2_08_01.adt.samples COMMITTED ADT Sample Programs COMMITTED Configuration Assistant COMMITTED Control Center
    db2_08_01.cj COMMITTED Java Common files
    db2_08_01.client COMMITTED Base Client Support
    db2_08_01.cnvucs COMMITTED Code Page Conversion Tables -
    db2_08_01.conn COMMITTED Connect Support
    db2_08_01.conv COMMITTED Code Page Conversion Tables
    db2_08_01.cs.rte COMMITTED Communication Support - TCP/IP
    db2_08_01.ctsr COMMITTED Control Server
    db2_08_01.das COMMITTED Administration Server
    db2_08_01.db2.engn COMMITTED Base DB2 UDB Support
    db2_08_01.db2.rte COMMITTED Run-time Environment
    db2_08_01.db2.samples COMMITTED Sample Database Source
    db2_08_01.dc COMMITTED Development Center COMMITTED DB2 Data Source Support
    db2_08_01.djinx COMMITTED Informix Data Source Support
    db2_08_01.djx COMMITTED Relational wrappers common
    db2_08_01.dw.cmn COMMITTED Data Warehouse Common
    db2_08_01.dw.sampledb COMMITTED Warehouse Sample Database
    db2_08_01.dw.srv COMMITTED Warehouse Server
    db2_08_01.dwc COMMITTED Data Warehouse Center
    db2_08_01.essg COMMITTED Product Signature for DB2 UDB
    db2_08_01.fs COMMITTED First Steps
    db2_08_01.gcln COMMITTED Spatial Extender Client
    db2_08_01.gse.samples COMMITTED Spatial Extender Samples
    db2_08_01.icc COMMITTED Information Catalog Center
    db2_08_01.icm.samples COMMITTED Information Catalog Manager
    db2_08_01.icuc COMMITTED ICU Collation
    db2_08_01.icut COMMITTED ICU Utilities
    db2_08_01.icw COMMITTED Information Catalog Center for
    db2_08_01.inst COMMITTED DB2 Instance Setup Wizard
    db2_08_01.jdbc COMMITTED Java Support
    db2_08_01.ldap COMMITTED DB2 LDAP Support
    db2_08_01.pext COMMITTED Parallel Extension
    db2_08_01.repl COMMITTED Replication
    db2_08_01.sqlproc COMMITTED SQL Procedures
    db2_08_01.webdb2 COMMITTED DB2 Web Tools
    db2_08_01.wm.samples COMMITTED Warehouse Samples
    db2_08_01.xml.ext COMMITTED XML Extender
    db2_08_01.xml.samp COMMITTED XML Extender Samples

    -Thanks in advance.

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    To remove DB2 products from your UNIX system:

    Log in as user with root authority.
    Mount the DB2 Version 8 product CD-ROM.
    Run the db2_deinstall -n command from the root directory of your DB2 Version 8 product CD-ROM. The -n parameter makes pkgrm non-interactive. The -n parameter is only on System V (Solaris).
    This command will remove all DB2 products from your system.

    There are alternative methods for removing DB2 products from your operating system. You may employ one of these methods if you only want to remove a subset of DB2 products from your system. Alternative methods for removing DB2 products include:

    You can use the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) to remove some or all DB2 products. If you use SMIT to remove DB2, DB2 Version 8 products can be identified by their prefix of db2_08_01. You can also remove all DB2 products from AIX systems using the installp command by entering installp -u db2_08_01.

    Removing v8 doesn't have any effect on v9.

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    Thanks for the response.

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    hi samu78nyc,

    may i know which procedure you used to uninstall the db2 v8?

    thanks in advance!

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