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    Unanswered: Query Help

    Problem solved, thanks for replying though
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    Welcome to the forums

    First off, I'd encourage you to try to normalize your table design.

    As for your query, could you post what you have so far (the SQL)? That would help us out tremendously.
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    As I don't have access(unentended pun) to the database at the moment, due to being at home, i'm not able to give the sql of the query.

    Let me try to explain myself more clearly:

    I'm trying to create a query based off of the project database that includes all fields. The table itself contains multiple projects that each have the same student I.D. (As the primary key is in the base table). I've tried to use the sum function to sum together the total completed hours per student based off every project that corresponds to the student's student I.D. however, i've failed, as instead of summing the hours together per student over all projects, the query continues to show every project without summing anything together.

    So basicly I'm looking for a way to sum the total hours per student using every project the student did over their entire high school career and show only one, totally summed record per student with the sum of total hours in the query.

    I'm not sure if i explained myself any better, but any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated

    I'll try to get the sql of the query tomorrow.
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