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    Unanswered: How to extract text from a textfield

    I was hoping if someone could help me with extracting texts from a textfield in a form. For example if the text or string is: "orange, apple, strawberry"

    I would like to be to arrange them in another textfield (textfield2) as: "Apple Orange Strawberry" without the comma.

    I tried using the split function but if the textfield only had 1 value, it gives me an 'out of range' error.

    I would really appreciate any help. Thank you.

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    Completely misread your question...too much cold medicine. Ignore me...


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    You'd need to write your own function to do that.
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    You can use the Replace() function, if they can stay in the same order.

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    As Paul said


    If you want the words capitalized, as your example shows

    StrConv(Replace(YourString,",",""), vbProperCase)
    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you so much...I'll try that.

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    replace will remove the comma, but it wont place the words in ascending order, not will it capitalise the words. As Startrekker says you will need to write your own function to handle this. That function will have to find the number of words, sort them, change the capitalisation and rebuild the array

    Id suggest the underlying issue is that you violated the first normal form, ie your db design is flawed

    however this should get you in the rigth direction
    Private Function SortWords(aString As variant, Optional aSeparator As String = ",") As String
    'this function requires a string containing a list of words, and optionally a separator
    'it sorts the words into ascending order and then returns that sorted list
    'whilst we are at it the words are converted to proper case ie FRUIT becomes Fruit, Veg remains Veg, object becomes Object...
      Dim myWords() As String will contain the individual words SPLIT from the source aString
      Dim noWords As Integer 'the number of words found 
      Dim iLoop As Integer 'loop counter
      Dim oLoop As Integer 'loop counter
      Dim tempWord As String 'conatins a temporary word that is int he process of being swapped
      SortWords = "" 'set up our default return
      'make sure we have some valid data, otherwise return an empty string
      If IsNull(aString) Or Len(aString) = 0 Then Exit Function
      myWords = Split(aString, aSeparator) 'split the source string into individual words using the supplied separator
      'ok lets find the number of words
      noWords = 0
      For Each thsWord In myWords
        'whilst we are at it convert the individual words to capitalised (proper case)
        myWords(noWords) = StrConv(myWords(noWords), vbProperCase)
        noWords = noWords + 1
      'as split generates a zero based array...
      noWords = noWords - 1
      'this is a simple bubble sort.. is good enough for the expected number of words
      For oLoop = 0 To noWords - 1
        For iLoop = oLoop To noWords
          'test if the outer loop word is greater than the inner loop, if so exchange the words
          If myWords(oLoop) > myWords(iLoop) Then 
            tempWord = myWords(oLoop)
            myWords(oLoop) = myWords(iLoop)
            myWords(iLoop) = tempWord
          End If
        Next iLoop
      Next oLoop
      SortWords = Join(myWords) 'rebuild the list from the array
      'jobsagoodun, bail out of the function
    End Function
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