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    Unanswered: Help... with my table

    hi there... im creating a database to reduce mistakes for data entry purpose.

    table 1: product code | received quantity etc..
    table 2: product name | vendor name etc..
    form 1: product code | received quantity etc..

    result : product name| product code| received qty| vendor name

    my question;

    the operator will input using form 1. i want that the received quantity is accumulated in table 1, everytime the operator input received quantity for a same code....


    code item qty
    343343 Tshirt 200
    343343 Tshirt 120

    so the result will appear the total as below

    343343 Tshirt 320 and not repeated data...

    please guide..

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    Please could you tell us your exact table structures? This will be important to getting the correct answer.
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    im attaching my workbook here...

    the operator will key in entry by using 'Data Update' form.

    i want if the same item key in repeatedly, the received quantity is totalled and not repeated record.

    and, how to add formulas... for example, in 'stock amount', i want to add 'unit price' x 'opening stock'.

    please guide...

    million thanks..
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