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    Unanswered: db2 service stops abruptly


    We are using IBM DB2 EXPRESS C 9.5. Some times (two to three times in week) the db2syscs stops abruply. I have attached the logs (db2diag.log and FODC files) generated when the service abruptly stoped. As per log there are some error like "Severe programming error" DIA8516C A severe internal processing error has occurred" , No memory available in 'Database Monitor Heap'" DIA8300C A memory heap error has occurred, severe error FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, DRDA Application Server, sqljsVerifyAgent, severe error in FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, bsu security, sqlexGetDefaultLoginContext, probe:150
    MESSAGE : ADM13001E Plug-in "IBMOSauthclient" received error code "-2" from the DB2 security plug-in API "db2secGetDefaultLoginContext" with the
    error message " ".

    Can anyone help me in identifying root cause? and what I need to do to prevent this problem to occur in production environment. What could be possible reason for db2 service to stops abruptly?

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