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    Unanswered: Show Me your Age

    Halo pro...This question maybe being asked for hundreds of time. But yet, still i've to ask it again.

    Assume that i've a set of DOB (Date of birth) data. With vba help, it will display (not save on table) the actual age of a person.


    Let say i input data of DOB. With vba help it will generate a set of data : Year / Month / Day.

    Data input = 25 / 07 / 1982

    Vba Help :

    Age = Year | Month | Day | (Display Only)

    --i hope pro reply with a sample. TQ

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    Public Function CalcAge(aDoB As Date, index As Integer, Optional TriggerDate As Date) As Single
    'this function returns various elements of an age based on the supplied DoB
    'these elements are
    '1: the age expressed as a decimal value of years
    '2: the age in years
    '3: the month
    '4: the days
    '... all based on the optional supplied trigger date
    'if no trigger date is supplied then the function uses todays date
    'do we especially care about "negative" ages (ie where a triggerdate is less than the supplied dateofbirth?
    'hell no, its not my function, I don't care
    If IsNull(TriggerDate) Then TriggerDate = Date
    Dim Age As Single
    Age = TriggerDate - aDoB
    Select Case index
    Case Is = 1 'the we return the single value/representation of the years as decimal
      CalcAge = Age / 365.25
    Case Is = 2 'then we return the years as an integer
      CalcAge = Fix(Age / 365.25)
    Case Is = 3 'then we return the months as integer
      CalcAge = CInt((Age / 365.25 - Fix(Age / 365.25)) * 12)
    Case Is = 4 'then we return the days as integer
    'first off cal the number of years
    Dim NoYears As Single
    Dim NoMonths As Single
    NoYears = Fix(Age / 365.25)
    NoMonths = CInt((Age / 365.25 - Fix(Age / 365.25)) * 12)
    CalcAge = CInt((Age / 365.25 - NoMonths / 12 - 49) * 365.25)
      'CalcAge = Age - Fix(Age / 365.25) - CInt((Age / 365.25 - Fix(Age / 365.25)))
      'will need to handle if either the Dob was before a leap year Feb 29
      'the trigger date is 'after' a leap year Feb 29
      'however I have neither the time or inclination to do so here
    '  CalcAge = CalcAge * 365.25 'that should be good enough.. it aint "right" but in my books its close enough!
    Case Else 'the muppet of a user has supplied a duff index
      CalcAge = -9999.9999 'treat 'em with the contempt they deserve
    End Select
    End Function
    untested air code, should get you close enough but user beware
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    TQ pro... . hope that i get it through.

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    here's for years:
    ' modified function from (
    Function Age(dtDOB As Date, Optional dtTemp As Date) As Integer
        'Purpose:   Return the Age in years.
        'Arguments: dtDOB = Date Of Birth, dtTemp = Date to calculate age on
        'Return:    Whole number of years.
        Dim dtBDay As Date  'Birthday in the year of calculation.
        Age = 0          'Initialize to zero
        If Date >= dtDOB Then      'Calculate only if the person has already been born
            If dtTemp Then  'if they passed in another date, calculate age at that date
                dtBDay = DateSerial(Year(dtTemp), Month(dtDOB), Day(dtDOB))
                Age = DateDiff("yyyy", dtDOB, dtTemp) + (dtBDay > dtTemp)
                dtBDay = DateSerial(Year(Date), Month(dtDOB), Day(dtDOB))
                Age = DateDiff("yyyy", dtDOB, Date) + (dtBDay > Date)
            End If
        End If
    End Function
    Add in a couple datediff statements to get months and days

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