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    Unanswered: Path to Log Files?

    Take note, I am a newbie . I am encountering a low disk space alert.
    I have one instance and my DB2 UDB version is 9.1.
    Path to Log Files of the database in question shows a path which have enough disk space i.e. Path to Log Files = /db2kb7777/partX/logs/REX_db/NODE0000/, base on the Log file size (4KB) (LOGFILSIZ) = 5000, size of the log files in this directory is 20488192, and files are from
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 20488192 Apr 29 12:59 S0000000.LOG
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 20488192 Jan 14 15:19 S0000009.LOG

    Number of primary log files (LOGPRIMARY) = 10
    Number of secondary log files (LOGSECOND) = 4

    BUT I am getting a low disk space alert on these directories (99% Used)
    and this directory

    Log files here: /db2kb7777/partB/logs/REX_db/NODE0002 are from
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 40968192 Apr 16 22:39 S0000000.LOG
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 40968192 Apr 16 22:38 S0000024.LOG
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 40968192 Apr 29 12:59 S0000003.LOG

    Log files here: /db2kb7777/partC/logs/REX_db/NODE0001 are from
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 40968192 Apr 29 12:59 S0000000.LOG
    -rw------- 1 db2kb7777 db2 40968192 Apr 16 22:40 S0000024.LOG

    It appears that database REX_db uses these logs files but I don't see how these directories are related to the database REX_db base on the database configurations. I am wondering how come their modification date is more updated than the one listed in "Path to Log Files" of REX_db. There is no other instance here except db2kb7777 (as per db2ilist), I made sure no other databases inadvertently used these directories for their log files.

    My questions:
    How can I know for sure who owns these log files?
    Could there be some sort of replication or log shipping at work here and is utilizing these directories? and how can I find out if there are?
    Any other ideas and/or insight that can shed light on what I am missing here?

    Thanks in advance!

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    have a look at db cfg for database- this indicates the logparh - if mirrored
    or achived and where to
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    Judging by NODE0001 and NODE0002 in your log path strings, you probably have a partitioned database. Please keep in mind that the database configuration, including the log paths, may differ between partitions.
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    Thanks for your response!

    Here are related db cfg for REX_db, logs are not mirrored.

    Path to log files = /db2kb7777/partX/logs/REX_db/NODE0000/
    Overflow log path (OVERFLOWLOGPATH) =
    Mirror log path (MIRRORLOGPATH) =
    First active log file =
    Log retain for recovery enabled (LOGRETAIN) = OFF

    How can I verify if a database is partitioned?

    Thanks in advance!

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