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    Unanswered: ILOGIN DEMO "Database 'Stores7' not found on Server"

    I have recently installed Informix v11.5 trial
    No previous experince with any database
    I Install it as per its GUI
    I then go to
    Start ---> ALL Programs--->IBM Informix Client-SDK 3.50--> ILoginDemo-->
    (ILogin Window Pops up) File --->RUN-->(LOgin Parameters Window Pops up) Ok

    Then i Get (Database 'Stores7' not found on the server)

    Note:- the installation is done on a standalone pc which is not connected to any other system or any server consider it a home pc.
    Does this mean that i have properly installed eclipse or does it mean that there is an error
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    Why are you asking on eclipse, if you installed informix?
    It looks like you don't have stores7 database on the server.
    In Start->All programs go to the Informix menu(not Informix client menu) and run command line/prompt with profile information. Then run dbaccess and you will see your databases (if any).

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    It means you're connected

    Your install is connecting ok. However the "stores7" db is missing. This is a demo db that is often *not* installed with the software.

    If you had a connection problem w/ ilogin, it would say something like access denied.


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