Hi All,

Environemnt: AIX 5.3
Db2 8.2

Now Our project is in testing phase,next month it has going to be live.

So the application team following database reports are requested.

1) Top 10 Queries for which maximum I/O operations took place

2) Top 10 Queries consuming excess buffer pool memory.

3) Top 5 Queries resulting in increase to a high value of QUERY_HEAP_SZ from the allotted value.

4) Top 10 Queries that took a long time to execute.

5) Top 10 Queries taking maximum CPU utilization (you’ve sent this report today).

6) Top 5 Queries with high lock wait time.

7) Top 2 Table spaces which do maximum number of frequent data exchange with disk.

8) Top 2 Table spaces with maximum unutilized memory.

I need to do this very urgently, can any one please guide me to find these.