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    Unanswered: How to send an Access database by e-mail?

    hello can anyone help me to send my database by email? i can not attach it it gives an error message saying cannot attach due to security measures.

    is there any way i can send it via email?

    Thanks in advance

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    that sounds more to do with your email system.

    however before sending any Access mdb you should always do a compact and repair (in fact you probably ought to do a C&R at least weekly in development, and perhaps at least monthly in production)

    if you email client is whinging compress the MDB using something like winzip,. failing that have a word* with your network trolls and see what they advise.

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    e-mail database

    change the extension .mdb or .mde to .xxx this will allow it to bypass checking. the person on the other end has to rename the .xxx to .mde or .mdb for access to open it. this goes for any type of file the e-mail system will not let you send because they have blocked the extension. just change the extension to .xxx
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    ditto what the reclinerman says. we zip it (to reduce file size), then rename to .txt extension before emailing. Recipient simply renames to .zip and extracts file. works like a charm.

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    Yup, just zip first.
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