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    Question Unanswered: Query by Form - form has subform

    I have an Expert Witness form with fields from the tblExpertWitness. Two related subforms on main form -- 1) witness strengths & weaknesses and 2) attorney comments. I have created a popup query form with unbound fields that looks like the main form. It works, but I don't know how to include search ability within the subforms, so that if, for example, one wants to search for any comments that say "don't use", only the expert witnesses matching that comment are returned by the query.

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    I would build a Filter string dynamically and then apply it to the subform control. If you need more examples, there are literally thousands of similar examples out there via Google, and I'm quite sure there are many just on this forum alone. Give it a shot and let us know if/what more help you need.
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