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    Unanswered: GoToRecord function in VBA

    I'm trying to use a button command to go from one form to the matching record in another form. The initial query searches for existing customers, opening a split form to see all customers with that last name, and contact information. I want to be able to select one customer, and use the button to go to the Customer form that contains a subform of Order Details.

    I know I need to use DoCmd.GoToRecord, but I can't seem to get the syntax right. The split form is called frmSearch, the customer form is frmCustomer, the ID controls are both ctrCustomerID.

    DoCmd.GoToRecord...and then this is where I'm not sure.

    Can anybody help?

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    Unless you want to have other records available on that form, I'd use this:

    Open a second form to the record

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    Thank you so much!! It works perfectly.

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