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    Unanswered: Noob Q: "Enter Parameter Value" randomly appearing on valid fields

    Hi there, I must preface this question with a brief explanation of my skill (or lack thereof). I'm afraid I have not the slightest skill with VB, so I apologize for providing so little information. I'm new to MS Access, and use a combination of macros and sheer luck in my form design.

    MS Access 2007 (sp1)
    FE/BE workgroup type Access DB

    what I'm trying to do
    Ok, I've just built a form (frmHome) which simply is meant to provide a shortcut to other forms and to display a list of orders in a datasheet subform (frmMainMenu).

    Because the datasheet subform contains a fair quantity of entries, I was going to filter it (between dates, by client etc) with a few fields and combo forms on the main form (frmHome).

    I added them, created a button to run macro "ApplyFilter" on a few pre-made filters (saved as queries) which reference unbound fields on the main form (frmHome).

    After fiddling, I got this to work fine. However, after finishing, saving and closing, the next day the filters didn't work at all. instead asking for me to "enter parameter value" etc. etc.
    My only conclusion is that the queries are not able to find the data from the unbound fields on the main form (frmHome). This the case when I try and run them by themselves.

    This is not the first time I've come across this problem, it's fixed temporarily when I enter design mode and then return to normal form view. It will re-appear when I close the database and reopen it.

    Although this has happened to me in other situations, I'm not sure my filter was great either, here's the code for one:

    SELECT *
    FROM qryfrmMainMenu
    WHERE (((qryfrmMainMenu.DatePlaced)>=[Forms]![frmHome]![date1] And (qryfrmMainMenu.DatePlaced)<=[Forms]![frmHome]![Date2]));
    (as you may gather, [date1] and [Date2] are unbound fields within which the user adds the date to filter between.

    Other than that, I've attached the object definition, (probably not useful)

    Other than re-construct the form, which is a rather ignorant workaround and the best I can do, might anyone have any ideas?
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    Type in a value for the field(s) in question and see what happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Allen
    Type in a value for the field(s) in question and see what happens
    The filter is applied to the datasheet as expected, for example between date1 and date2.
    However, the filtered date is the one I supply rather than the unbound fields on the home form (frmHome).

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