Hi all,

I'm a novice and need some advice to get my site/database up and running.

I'll start by explaining what I want to do.

I want to build a site where people can look for real estate. Basically they fill in a search form on my site and their request gets emailed to all the real estate companies who are members of my site.

I can manage myself to get companies signed up and bill them monthly.

My problems start with the e-mailing of the search requests by site visitors. This is because I want to "filter" the requests.

For instance, say you have 3 options on your search form for the real estate location, New York, Washington and Dallas. Some real estate companies only want to receive requests for a single location and not all locations.

So I need a program/script/database whatever to do that for me.

I have never done this before but if someone can point me in the right direction I can usually muddle through by Googling any problems I come up against!

Thanks in advance,