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    Unanswered: Go to record based on value in a textbox

    I have a combobox (lists years) inside a subform. When a year is selected for the current member, it should go to the record where combobox year = table year.

    The subform is of a table named [Thank You Letter] consisting of Member ID (PK), Academic Year (PK), Thank You Letter. Year is a number and thank you letter is a checkbox.

    Say there are 5 total records in a subform for a member. By default, 1 of 5 is displayed in the record navigation menu. When i choose a year from the drop down box, the current record should change to the record where [Thank You Letter].[Academic Year] = " & Me.[Academic Year].

    So if i chose 2006 in the combobox, 3 of 5 was then displayed in the record navigation menu. I am just concerned with going to a record based on the combobox value.

    I'd appreciate any help as i'm having no luck finding a solution.


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    I did that to but i keep getting the following error when i change the date:

    "Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit"

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    Then that is what you need to resolve. There is no Update or CancelUpdate in the code linked to. Find out what is generating that error and correct it.
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