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    Unanswered: Simultaneous form view & datasheet view

    Simultaneous form view & datasheet view:

    \Hi, Hope you can help....
    My problem revolves largely around ergonomics, where records are displayed in form view, but the user also needs to see a datasheet view or "list" of all the records, not just the selected record.
    So, form view on the left, showing the selected record, and datasheet view on the right showing all the records, where the left and right views a synchronised. Moving to the next record on the left form view steps to the next record on the right, datasheet view.
    Clicking on a record on the right, datasheet view must take the left form view to the selected record. Get it?
    Fiddled with master and child, etc, no luck.. Can get the form view to display all records, but not synchronised. Can also get the form view to synchronise, but only the active record is displayed..
    Would appreciate any guidance at this time.. (Access 2003 on XP)


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    You'd have to code the synchronisation with VBA using OnCurrent, probably.
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    don't use datasheet view, but instead fake it using a continuous form, but I'd suggest you don't allow users to edit the continuour form.

    you shouldn't really need the datasheet view, a competantly written search form should allow users to find the data they need.
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