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    Unanswered: Price calculation for a booking system


    I am new to filemaker and am making a hotel reservation system.

    So far the reservation side is working as i wanted it to. The problems comes when i want to check a guest out and automatically generate their bill...i have no idea how to do this and am hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

    I have 3 tables: Bookings (where all of the confirmed bookings end up), AvailableRooms (list of rooms) and Availability (allows searching for available rooms via date and type (dorm, single, double etc - a dropdown value list)) and entering guest name, transfers to booking)

    each type of room has a different price.

    I'm lost, please help!!

    Thanks so much,


    Oh, when i check people in i have a checkin date and a check out date. so if a room is $25 per night and someone check in on the 5/5/09 and checks out on 7/5/09 then i need to calculate the cost for that date range (2 nights)...

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    Hi there,

    You can do it this way. create a room table with all the price info. When a guest checks out, you click the check out button which runs a script to subtract the check in date with current date(FileMaker date field is actually the number of date from Jan 1, 0001 so it is a number, you can simply subtract them.) and multiply by the room price in the room table. This is the amount you need to bill him/her.

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