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    Client-Server Database Development and Data Integration Expert (Chicago, Illinois)

    A client-server database development and data integration expert in the Chicago, Illinois, United States of America area is sought to work with me on reorganizing or reimplementing a system of databases to allow for efficient data mining of information in addition to tasks already being performed with by using the databases (such as generating reports).

    Current status of database information:
    All databases are of Jet 4.0 (what Microsoft Access usually uses) databases managed using Microsoft Access 2003. The database storage files are of "Microsoft Access Databases (*.mdb)" stored on a central location (server).

    Over 1000 databases exist (rough guess is about 1,500 databases), each having many tables and forms.

    On average, about 10 clients access the data at a time with twenty or less total clients that may access the data.

    • Be able to efficiently design and develop databases for use in a client-server environment in a timely manner.
    • Must be able to be in the Chicago, Illinois, United States of America area.
    • Must speak English language.

    I shall be accepting email for this job offer at:
    Please include "(dbforums)" in the subject.

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    This project has now been delayed indefinitely.

    For the moment, hiring for the project has been suspended, but may be continued in the future.

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    Cool Database Job

    I'm available immediately
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