This is just an FYI post.

Only one of my e-mail macros would run - the rest were giving me an Error 2950 Action Failed Message. Microsoft said this message has to do with trusted connections. I'm pretty sure they lied to me .

After adding the directory to my list of trusted locations (which, BTW made no difference before) the error still kept popping up. However, I payed attention to the follow messages after telling it to stop all macros. The very last one said "Can not find record". BINGO! In my rush I forgot to update my macros with the new form names I just gave all of my forms. All I did was update the string in my subject line (it displays the record number and another piece of info off of the form) with the new (read "correct") form names and we were good to go.

Lessons learned:
Don't rush
Pay attention
Don't trust MS on their own error message explanation.