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    Unanswered: Multiple Insertion


    I have some questions related to multiple insertion for bulk load.

    Q1. How much fast multiple insertion in case of insert into 6 tables through
    or more than that by on select statement (every table get 39 million of

    Q2. Is it possible to use /* + APPEND */ hint in multiple insertion?

    Q3. if answer 'NO' for question # 2 than is it good to use multiple insertion
    for tables more than 6 or above? which is best with APPEND hint or with
    multiple insertion?

    Q4. Is it good idea to use multiple insertion instead of single insert query
    with append for large volume of data. because I m not sure but it may
    effect temp segment as well.

    Actually I am working with large amount of data migration activity and want to reduce my time of migration.

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    Please realize that sooner rather than later, multiple sessions will saturate the disk with an Input/Output (I/O) bottleneck & no additional performance gains will occur.
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