i am using multiple tables to create a report since Microsoft report viewer does not allow multiple tables so i have used a stored procedure with parameter. i have refreshed my data set and now my dataset also contains the data table for the stored procedure.the .rdlc also has been successfully linked with the columns and rows of the stored procedure data table. in the form where i am using the report viewer in the load event i have used the table adapter for the stored procedure to fill the stored procedure data table with the values, i am also passing the parameter to the table adapter.
but on doing this i get an error:
Error 1 Value of type 'innoerp.innoerpDataSet1.StoredProcedure2DataTable ' cannot be converted to 'innoerp.innoerpDataSet.StoredProcedure2DataTable' . C:\Documents and Settings\prog- 2\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\innoerp1\innoerp1\Daily Sales Report.vb 11 47 innoerp1

here innoerp is the name of my database and storedprocedure2 is the storedprocedure
please help!!!!!!!!!!
thanks in advance