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    Question Unanswered: MySQL Cluster on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

    Senario :
    MySQL Cluster service (for high availability, i.e. failover)

    Two identical servers (running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise), with a shared RAID disk array. In an active-passive configuration, only one of the servers would accept client requests and access the shared data. The other would be idle. If the first server failed, the second one would become active.

    Is that possible ?
    Has anyone done it?
    Is there a tutorial?

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    MySQL Cluster on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

    According to the 5.1 manual

    "MySQL Cluster is not currently supported on Microsoft Windows. We are working to make Cluster available on all operating systems supported by MySQL, including Windows, and will update the information provided here as this work continues."

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