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    Unanswered: DB2 Connect error to a MainFrames DB

    When i am trying to connect to a Mainframes Database using the credentials ( port and Ip) by configuring it using Db2Connect ( IBM Db2 GUI) . I get an error when i test the connnection. ( After its added successfully)

    CLI connection failed.
    SQL30061N The database alias or database name "CFRD01 " was not found at the remote node. SQLSTATE=08004

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    What is the SUBSYSTEM ID you are using?
    CFRD01 - seems is not your db (as per the error message). If you entries are added successfully (as you informed), then there is error with the db name. You need to change it. The db does not reside on the mainframes. Did you check whether the MSTR or the other processess for this particular subsystem is running? I mean the db is up?
    Do list out the entries you had made in the configuration.
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