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    Unanswered: Pleses somebody help me...

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    for instance pardon for my english..i am Malaysian studying in Japan and i have to study MySQL and PHP all by myself for my graduation research.

    Here is what ive been doing until now

    1.I installed the MySQL server 4.01 and it did work perfectly
    2.Then i tried to connect my MsAccess 2007 data to the SQL server and this error keep annoying me
    SQL Server error 2
    SQL state 01000
    SQL Server error 17
    SQL state 08001
    *i dont really know my what is my server name,login id and password<--help me where to find this things

    3.Then i installed another MySQL server 5.01(without uninstalling previous version) and i think i messed up with the port number and registry key after hard days figuring the problems.
    4.Then i installed ANOTHER SQL server.This time Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 thought this software can manage my two other previous SQL servers.(...but im totally dont know how to use it)

    So..anybody out there...please help me..should i uninstall all the servers?and if yes,how to totally remove it?because ive tried once and the previous database still there and the port number still in use.

    Secondly,about the port number.default port number is 3306 but i somehow saw on somewhere the server(or whatever) use the port number 1433.What is this two ports are all about?

    Oh ya..i also installed the XAMPP.And it also have sql server in it(i think)

    For conclusion..I am TOTALLY dumb in this sh*t and i am TOTALLY lost!If someone suggest me to start fresh,then please help me step by details..from zero to how to connect the MsAccess to SQL server..Any help will be very appreciated.


    Note that i am using Vista Home Edition

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    You have to learn php and mysql so why are you setting up SQL Server and MsAccess??

    You installed MySQL successfully so why then install XAMPP which contains another MySQL server?

    I suggest uninstalling everything and then just installing XAMPP which installs everything you need.


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